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The Journal of the Brazilian Society of Cancerology

Instructions for Authors

The mission of the Journal of the Brazilian Society of Cancerology is to publish works by national and international researchers related to Cancerology, which are the responsibility of the authors.

Reproduction, even partial, without the publisher’s authorization, as well as the use of published material for commercial purposes, is prohibited. All manuscripts must be approved for approval, with this journal.


All approved works are reviewed. Incoming articles are sent to 2-4 reviewers, who are asked to return the review within 15 days. After receiving the opinions, the authors have 15 days to respond to the review. Articles without response within six months must be accepted.

Authors are asked to guarantee that no material infringes existing copyright or third-party rights.


Articles must be submitted through our online editorial manager system. The e-mail must contain the exclusivity for publication in the Journal of the Brazilian Society of Cancerology, if the article is approved. Articles must be submitted in English. Authors have responsibility to declare financial and other conflicts of interest; as well as to thank all the financial support to the study even as the photo of the authors.

Approval for Publication: When accepted, the articles will be subject to minor corrections or modifications for editorial standardization, which do not alter the author’s style. Any changes in form, style or interpretation will only occur after prior consultation. When not accepted, the articles will be returned with the justification of the Editor.


Title: The title of the article must be short, clear, and concise to facilitate its classification and must be sent in English.

Author(s): The full name(s) of the author(s) and their titles and links to the Society or Institutions (like Universities, Colleges, Hospital or Department – the information must be complete; mini-resumes will not be accepted). Author contacts: Name, address, zip code, city, state, country and email address.

1. Résumé: It should contain a maximum of 250 words and be prepared in a structured way. For Research and Clinical Trials articles, must be included: Background and Objectives, Methods, Results, and Conclusions. Include up to six descriptors. It is recommended to use the DeCS – Birene Health Science Descriptors, available at:

2. Abstract: The English version of the abstract must be sent with the article. Include up to six keywords.

3. Body Text: Organize the text according to the article types described below. In original articles with humans or animals, the ethical aspects must be informed in addition to the number of the process and year of the Ethics Committee or Commission of the Institution.

4. ARTICLE CATEGORY: In addition to the original articles that have priority, the Brazilian Society of Cancerology Magazine publishes reviews, updates, case reports and letters to the editor. Generic drug names should be used. When trade names are used in the search, these names must be included in parentheses in the METHODS chapter.

Original articles – are contributions intended to disseminate unpublished original research results, which can be replicated and/or generalized. They must meet the principles of originality and clarity of the guiding question, justification, and objectives. Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Figures and Tables, and Bibliographical References.

Reviews: Systematized critical evaluation of the literature and/or reflection on a given subject, which must contain conclusions. The procedure adopted and the delimitation of the topic must be included. For review articles highlight: Justification and Objectives, Content, and Conclusion.

Case reports: evaluative studies, originals or previous research notes containing unpublished and relevant data on the studied phenomenon. The presentation must follow the same standards required for original articles.

Descriptors: For all articles, indicate the Descriptors. It is recommended to use the DECS – Bireme Health Science Descriptors, available at

Summary: The English version of the summary must be sent. Text: Start the text according to the type of article.

It should be structured as follows: Introduction, Contents, Conclusion and References. It cannot exceed 40 references.


Please remember that although many of our readers are experts, they may not be experts in your field, and thus it is necessary to explain all terminology and acronyms the first time they are used. Please provide an alphabetical list of all abbreviations.

References: Journal of the Brazilian Society of Cancerology adopts the “Vancouver Norms”, available at, as a reference for publishing its works. Use journal abbreviations found in Index Medicus/MedLine.

They must be arranged in the text in numerical sequential order, being mandatory their citation (superscript, without parentheses). Avoid citing the highlighted author’s name. It is not recommended to quote unpublished work or work presented in medical events. References older than five years, from textbooks and conference abstracts, should be limited to those that are fundamental. Include references accessible to readers. When the citation is from an article already accepted for publication, include “in the process of being published”, indicating the journal and year. Personal communications are not accepted.

Up to three authors must be mentioned, followed by et al. The title of the journal should have its name abbreviated.

Examples of references:

Magazine articles:

– 1 author -Wall PD. The prevention of postoperative pain. Pain 1988;33(1):289-90.

2nd authors – Dahl JB, Kehlet H.The value of pre-emptive analgesia in the treatment of postoperative pain. Br J Anaesth 1993;70(1):434-9.

More than 3 authors – Gimenes RO, Previato BL, Claudio PDS, et al. Impact of the spine school program in individuals with lumbar disc herniation. Rev Dor 2008;9(2):1234-41.


Its citation in the text is mandatory. Enumerate graphs, figures, tables, and charts in Arabic numerals, they must contain title and caption. Indicate in the text the preferred entry location for each illustration (Enter Figure x, for example). The same result must not be expressed by more than one illustration. Graphic signs used in tables or graphs must have their correlation mentioned in the footer. Graphs, Figures and Tables must be sent separately from the main text of the article.

The quality of graphics and figures is the responsibility of the authors.


The submission letter, manuscript, and tables must be sent in DOC format (Windows Word standard); figures in bars or in lines must be sent in Excel (extension XLS). Photos must have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI, in JPEG format.